In relationship
3 years
11 months

Dating history

Type Start End Length
Married October 2000 March 2003 2 years 5 months
Dating April 1999 October 2000 1 year 6 months
Real name
Jennifer Anne Garner
Scott Kellerman Foley
Date of birth
April 17, 1972
July 15, 1972
48 years old
47 years old
4 Boyfriends
2 Girlfriends

How did they meet?

Scott Foley and Jennifer Garner are two remarkable movie stars, who rose to prominence thanks to outstanding acting skills. They met back in 1998 as they featured together in Felicity, where Jennifer was a guest-star. She took part only in two episodes but it was enough for them to develop chemistry and romantic feelings. The celebrities began dating in April 1999 and had been a pair for one year until they decided to make the next important step in their relationship.

Married life: its ups and downs

The two love birds got hitched in October 2000. Despite the fact that before wedding everything was fine between the two, they surprisingly started experiencing issues right after marriage. Both film performers were getting more and more popular, yet Garner has always been more successful. According to the insiders, it was one of the reasons that influenced negatively on their union.

Separation and divorce

As the InStyle reported, the couple announced their divorce in March 2003. The next month it was officially finalized. It would be interesting to know that the divorce was amicable. The actress once shared that they were simply the “victims of Hollywood”, where everything happened too quickly and if something didn’t work out, it would be better to end it as soon as possible. She also added that she regretted walking down the aisle at such a young age. Marrying in 20s and then divorcing after just three years was a crushing experience, according to the celebrity. Nowadays, both lovers moved on with their personal lives and found great partners.

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