years old
  • Who is Scott Foley dating now? Marika Domińczyk
  • What is Scott Foley relationship status? Married
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Scott Foley girlfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
2 Marika Domińczyk Married June 2007 - 13 years 11 months
Dating 2004 June 2007 3 years 5 months
1 Jennifer Garner Married October 2000 March 2003 2 years 5 months
Dating April 1999 October 2000 1 year 6 months


Scott Foley is a versatile person, who deals with acting, directing and screenwriting. He was born in Kansas City and is the oldest of three sons in a family. His father worked as an international banker and thanks to this, the whole family traveled around the world on a regular basis. In such a way, a future star spent his childhood and teen years in Australia and Japan.

He started demonstrating interest in acting at the age of just 6. His mother noticed that and took him to see the children’s musical called Annie. Just a few years later, Scott debuted on a stage in his school production of Oliver. His passion for acting was growing with each and every day and so, he also participated in community and regional theatre plays. Having graduated high school, he made a decision to move to Hollywood and bought a one-way plane ticket.

He rose to prominence thanks to a teen drama Dawson’s Creek, where he played a quarterback named Cliff Elliot. After that he also featured in such successful TV projects as Felicity, A.U.S.A., The Unit, Scrubs, True Blood and dozens of others.

Are you curious to know more interesting facts about the celebrity? Well, here are top 5 unique facts you will be surprised to know about:

  • He loves pets a lot and has a cat named Stinky Joe.
  • When he lived in St. Louis he used to work as a pizza delivery man.
  • He loves black licorice but hates marzipan.
  • He is into leading a healthy way of life, spending five minutes upside down on an inversion table every single day.
  • Foley’s favorite food is a mixture of cereals.

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