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  • Who is Kevin Gates dating now? Dreka Gates
  • What is Kevin Gates relationship status? Married
  • What is his sexual orientation? Straight

Kevin Gates girlfriends list

Dreka Gates
Dreka Gates
age 33

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Dreka Gates Married October 2015 - 5 years 7 months
Dating 2005 October 2015 10 years 9 months


A well-known rap artist Kevin Gates was born and raised in Louisiana. He was quite a troubled teenager that led to multiple issues with the law. He was first arrested at the age of just 13 for vandalism.

At 15 he got passionate about music and in 2005 started his professional path in that particular industry. He signed a contract with Dead Game Records and together with Webbie and Boosie Badazz released a mixtape called Pack Da Litter in 2007. It was positively accepted by the public and that’s why the artist decided to move further with his career.

However, everything changed in 2008 when he was imprisoned once again and was sentenced for three years. In 2011 he was “free” but all his efforts in terms of music came to naught. Gates didn’t give up and in 2014 introduced a single By Any Means that reached 17th position in the Billboard 200. In addition, that same year, the celebrity presented Luka Brasi 2 with 80.000 copies sold just within the first month. After that, Kevin released two more albums Islah and Luca Brasi 3 that brought him even more fame and recognition.

Today, Gates is known all across the globe not only as a talented rap performer but also MC.

Are you curious to know something unique about the star? Then check these 5 fascinating facts out:

  • He has a Masters degree in Psychology.
  • The phrases he uses in his songs quickly turn into quotes that are extremely popular online.
  • He has an Elvis tattoo on his chest.
  • One of the artist’s favorite quotes is “I Don’t Get Tired” that turned into a name of a drink.
  • He is a father to two children.

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  • Anna R Daniels says:

    Mr gates u a wonderful song writer and Raper your a good father to your children and your beautiful wife Mrs gates are very blessed am glad you a person that don’t never get tired you keep it pushing no matters what’s going down you a strong black man and your wife a strong beautiful black women y’all keep faith and believe in God your good because without him your will be nothing love you guy’s