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  • Who is Marika Domińczyk dating now? Scott Foley
  • What is Marika Domińczyk relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Marika Domińczyk boyfriends list

Scott Foley
Scott Foley
age 47

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Scott Foley Married June 2007 - 13 years 11 months
Dating 2004 June 2007 3 years 5 months


A Polish-American actress Marika Domińczyk was welcomed in Kielce, Poland. Her mother’s name is Aleksandra and she was a housewife, while her dad Miroslaw was a leader of the Solidarity movement. The celebrity also has two sisters, named Veronika and Dagmara. It would be interesting to know that all three sisters succeeded in the filmmaking industry. And all of them can be seen as guest-stars in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

When Marika was three years old, the family moved to the US and settled down in New York. Unfortunately, it is not known where she studied the art of acting but she began working as a film performer as an adult. Before getting famous, she worked as a hostess in a TV show called The Street of 2000. She is mostly recognized due to the roles in such movies as The 40 Year Old Virgin, National Lampoon’s Bag Boy, Get Smart’s Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control and many others. Also, she had a recurring role in the well-known TV series Grey’s Anatomy. In addition, in 2016 she hosted the Gracie Awards.

Today, Domińczyk is not only a successful movie star, who keeps developing her career but also a loving wife and mother.

And now we would like to share the top 5 fascinating facts about the celebrity:

  • She is married to actor Scott Foley.
  • She was born in a leap year.
  • Despite the fact that she left Poland at the age of just 3, she is very fluent in this language.
  • She gave birth to three children: Konrad, Aleksander and Addison.
  • In total, she featured in over 25 films and TV series.

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