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  • Who is Nicole Pechanec dating now? Andrew Luck
  • What is Nicole Pechanec relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Nicole Pechanec boyfriends list

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck
age 30

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Andrew Luck Married March 2019 - 2 years 2 months
Dating 2012 March 2019 7 years 2 months


Nicole Pechanec is known all across the globe as a wife of an ex NFL star Andrew Luck, who had been playing for the Indianapolis Colts since 2012 and up till 2018. However, she is also a skilled athlete. In addition to that she reached unbelievable career heights in different spheres of life on her own. So, let’s have a look!

She was born in New Jersey to Czechoslovakian parents. Unfortunately, it is not known what her father Thomas was doing for a living but her mother Yvette is a former gymnast, who used to train her stellar daughter. Also, she has two siblings.

A future star studied architectural design at Stanford’s School of Engineering and graduated in 2012. While being a student she took part in two national finals as a gymnast for the Czech Republic.

After that Pechanec entered the University of Indiana, where she earned Master’s Degree in Business Administration. During that time she worked as an intern with NASA as well as did several other jobs.

Today, she is a field producer, who works on broadcasts of gymnastics events with several channels, including ESPN and others.

And now, it is high time to share top 5 little-known facts about the celebrity:

  • She worked as a statistician for NBC Olympics in Brazil.
  • She loves spending spare time reading and listening to music.
  • She enjoys traveling a lot and has visited dozens of countries, but her dream one remains to be France, Paris.
  • Her favorite color is black and her favorite cuisine is continental.
  • Her net worth is about half a million dollars.

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