years old
  • What is Paris Jackson relationship status? Single
  • What is her sexual orientation? Bisexual

Paris Jackson boyfriends list

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
4 Gabriel Glenn Ex April 2018 August 2020 2 years 4 months
3 Cara Delevingne Short affair March 2018 April 2018 1 month
2 Michael Snoddy Ex April 2016 February 2017 10 months
1 Chester Castellaw Ex April 2015 December 2015 8 months


Paris Jackson is an aspiring model, singer and film performer. However, she is mainly recognized as the only daughter of the late pop singer Michael Jackson. Her mother worked as a medical nurse and took part in Michael’s vitiligo treatment. The death of a father was a big tragedy for the whole family and Paris in particular, as she was very close with him.

A future star attended a prestigious private Buckley School in California. There, she loved spending time playing softball, flag football and cheerleading. Despite that fact that a teen’s life seemed to be serene and cloudless, she attempted suicide three times. In 2013 she swallowed 20 Mortin PM pills and cut her wrist with a kitchen knife. She was saved and sent to recover in Utah. Having left the establishment, the celebrity claimed to be feeling much better.

Her career in the fashion industry started booming in 2017 when she appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone and then Teen Vogue, Stellar, etc. That same year she signed contracts with IMG Models and Calvin Klein.

Today, the star actively develops her career in the fashion world, appearing in music videos as well as ad campaigns. In addition to that she is doing her best to build a successful path in the moviemaking sphere and has already featured in several films.

Are you curious to know more? Check these 5 little-known facts out:

  • She is very active on social media, having 3.5 million followers on Instagram only.
  • She is a face of several brands.
  • She considers herself black.
  • In 2012 she was named as the most beautiful teen in the world.
  • She has over 50 tattoos on her body.

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