years old
  • Who is Ronda Rousey dating now? Travis Browne
  • What is Ronda Rousey relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Ronda Rousey boyfriends list

Travis Browne
Travis Browne
age 37

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
3 Travis Browne Married August 2017 - 3 years 9 months
Dating October 2015 August 2017 1 year 10 months
2 Brendan Schaub Ex 2013 July 2014 1 year 6 months
1 Timothy Digorrio Ex 2012 2013 1 year


An American sportswoman, an MMA fighter, a wrestler, a Strikeforce ex-champion, the first UFC champion, an actress and an author – yes, it is all about her, Ronda Rousey.

The celebrity’s professional biography started when she first had an official fight against Hayden Munoz in New Mexico. That fight lasted 23 seconds and ended in favor of Ronda thanks to her armlock trick. It would be interesting to know that armlock is her gimmick that helped her win 9 out 12 MMA fights.

In 2008 she won an Olympic bronze medal in judo. Then she took part in UFC to defend her title and became the first female to be included into the UFC Hall of Fame.

In 2018 Rousey signed a contract with WWE and soon earned her first title SummerSlam.

The celebrity also tried her hand in the moviemaking business by appearing in several successful TV projects. To name just a few: Furious, Mile 22, The Expendables, etc.

On top of that in 2015 she published an autobiography titled My Fight/ Your Fight.

Today, she is more interested in developing her career in the world of sports rather than filmmaking.

Would you like to know more amazing facts about a star’s life? Then check these five lesser-known facts that will 100% surprise you:

  • Before making it big as a sportswoman, she used to work as a cocktail waitress, a bartender, an employee at 24 Hour Fitness, etc.
  • When she was young she dreamt of becoming a marine biologist, as she loved dolphins.
  • She is afraid of paper cuts.
  • She loves dogs a lot and even worked at California Animal Rehabilitation.
  • She is a big fan of Buffalo wings and Pokemon games.

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