years old
  • Who is Ruth Kearney dating now? Theo James
  • What is Ruth Kearney relationship status? Married
  • What is her sexual orientation? Straight

Ruth Kearney boyfriends list

Theo James
Theo James
age 35

Dating history

Partner Type Start End Length
1 Theo James Married August 2018 - 2 years 9 months
Dating 2009 August 2018 9 years 7 months


A gorgeous and gifted film performer Ruth Kearney was welcomed in London but at the age of five, she moved with the family to Ireland, Dublin, where she grew up.

She has loved acting since childhood and that’s why she studied Drama and Classics at Trinity College. After that she studied at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. It would be interesting to know that she had to “fight” for her dream really hard, as her parents were opposed to Ruth’s idea to become a movie star. Nobody was on her side and it was extremely difficult to convince them. Despite all this, her desire and huge passion for acting drove her all the way to success in this particular industry.

At first, she appeared in several TV projects called Gracie! and Booky’s Crush in 2009. But what really helped her rise to stardom is the role of Jess Parker in an ITV science fiction series Primeval. After that she also featured in a TV series called The Following that made her even more popular and recognized. In 2016 Kearney began starring in Flaked.

Nowadays, the celebrity keeps developing her acting career by appearing in different films, shows, TV series, etc.

And now, it is high time to get to know the actress even more! Here are 5 surprising facts about her life you have definitely never heard of:

  • Her net worth is nearly 2 million dollars.
  • She started performing in a theatre and ended on a big screen.
  • She can be seen in Covert Affairs and Holby City.
  • She is married to a well-known movie star Theo James.
  • She took part in such productions as Three Sisters, Man of Mode and others.

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